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The Story

Many people consider music to be an integral part of life. It surrounds us, influencing, motivating, and inspiring us.

For Heidi Hess, music and fabric are closely intertwined.

After a long career as a radio personality that took her from Springfield, Massachusetts to Norfolk, Virginia, and later to Miami, Chicago, and New York City, Heidi decided to combine her passion for music and fabric. Heidi Hess Designs was born!   The catalyst for her transition from music to fashion was a shawl her mother knitted for her, which she happened to wear to the VH1 Music Awards. The sight of Heidi wearing the shawl caught the attention of Janet Jackson backstage, and this encounter planted the seed for Heidi Hess Designs.

Today, Heidi Hess is an independently operated fashion label. Heidi effortlessly creates clothing that echoes the essence of a great song, embodying beauty, rhythm, and flow.

All the garments are meticulously handcrafted in the United States, using responsibly sourced fibers. The brand has expanded from its initial collection of hand-loomed knits to a comprehensive line called "Live in Luxury."

Heidi's collections consistently showcase innovation, excitement, and, above all, comfort.

In 2024, she will persist in her quest to source and create the finest textiles, designing garments that epitomize both comfort and style for all to appreciate.

Thank you for your support in promoting and purchasing from small independent brands like Heidi Hess..🤍

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